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August 10 2017

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Vertical Landscapes

vertical landscapes

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Untitled by artyantsen DCIM\100GOPRO

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Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) by krismikael It’s believed that green turtles need between 20 - 50 years to reach sexual maturity, and a turtle’s life is not easy so very few reach adulthood. Once, the estimate was one percent. It dropped to one thousandth. Previously suffering from unrestricted exploitation by humans, turtles are now having more like a global protection status. However, their slow reproductive rate, combined with increased development in coastal areas make the species very vulnerable. Many turtles are also lost due to accidental catch by fishermen.



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Good morning, Lovelies! Today is about Uniting Energies, Harmony, Love
Tarot of the Day: The Lovers

This card indicates Love creating a union of two definitive parts. A union of people, energies, conflicting ideas, or even, parts of yourself.

It also indicates the need to reconcile your emotions over what will change because of the union and what you will have to let go in order to unite two into one. Your heart or your head, money or spirit, past or present; whatever the choice, look at it with love and choose what your heart desires.

At work, weigh all sides of a situation before making a decision; what appears initially to be a poor option, may turn out to be best in the long run. If your decision pertains to romance in the workplace, think twice and see all sides before committing.

Whether a new relationship is arriving or deepening, or a long-term relationship is experiencing a powerful re-bonding, you will be feeling the bliss of a deep connection. Be open, loving, and peaceful. Let love change you and your world for the better.

Question everything and then listen to your heart. The right choice will be made if you have accepted others and yourself. Where the choice brings you joy, let it radiate through you; spread the love.
Peace out…

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“What form she pleased each thing would take, that e’re she did behold.”  Color process illustration by Warwick Goble for The Book of Fairy Poetry by Dora Owen, published in 1920.

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The Monterey Bay is doing its best impression of our sea nettle exhibit! This year has seen a return of the classic sea nettles blooms we experience outside of El Niño cycles. These sea nettles were filmed inside the Monterey harbor a few weeks ago, pushed in by the tides and currents.

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Phyllodesmium macphersonae by equin Taken in Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia, this amazing creature has brown patches which is in fact ‘gardens’ of zooxanthellae, arranged in special branches of the digestive system, so that they are able to get sufficient sunlight for photosynthesis. (seaslugforum.net)

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